11 April 2015 – 31 May 2015
Timing: 10 am - 6 pm everyday

Featured Artist

Deathlessness, a solo exhibition by USA and India based film artist Ashish Avikunthak. For his first exhibition in Delhi, Avikunthak presents a suite of five works spanning sixteen years which reflect his ongoing inquiry into the nature of life and death, the intersection of time and filmic / narrative structures and contemporary readings of classical philosophical themes. “Avikunthak’s films are highly formal meditations on ritual, time and death. They are rooted in Indian religion, philosophy and history, without being about any of these in an anthropological way. Unlike his Indian peers, who use symbols (tiffins, bindis and so on) of their cultural identity in a way that is decipherable for biennial and art-fair audiences, Avikunthak’s works strongly resist being so easily packaged for the new global artworld circuits…In an artworld where an increasing number of critics are arguing that much globalised arttakes the form of hollowed-out visual Esperanto, Avikunthak’s works insist on an Indian epistemology while utilising a rigorously formal visual language that is clearly aware of Western avant-garde practices such as those of Andrei Tarkovsky and Samuel Beckett. These are self-consciously difficult works that are filmed in a self-consciously beautiful way.” - Niru Ratnam


Ashish Avikunthak

Active in the art and film circuits since the late 1990s, Ashish Avikunthak has established himself as one of India's most prolific film artists. His work has been seen in exhibitions and festivals at institutions such as Tate Modern, London; Centre George Pompidou, Paris; Taipei Biennial; Shanghai Biennale and elsewhere, as well as in Calcutta and Bombay.